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Winter in Western Greece

Expeditions of fun and adventure

Tradition, history, natural landscapes of incomparable beauty, an atmosphere of hospitality and authenticity welcome you.

In winter your desire to escape everyday routine makes you dream of traditional villages with smoking chimney tops, walks along footpaths lined with fir and chestnut trees, games in the snow and moments of relaxation next to log fires in traditional guesthouses. All this you can find in Western Greece, whose dreamlike winter wonderlands offer unforgettable holiday experiences.

Time for history

Seize the opportunity to visit iconic sites of antiquity, such as the Ancient Olympia and Thermo, and interesting museums, like the one dedicated to the Holocaust in Kalavrita and those with many of Greece’s archaeological treasures in the Land of Olympia and Patra. The religious pilgrimages to the Holy Monastery of Mega Spilaion and the Monasteries of Vlohos and Katerinou, for instance, can also leave you with a tremendous sense of awe.

Traditional towns and villages

Atmospheric Kalavrita is a popular winter destination. Nearby Planitero with its fast flowing waters and luscious nature, as well as picturesque Kato Zachlorou, are also places memorable places.

An air of tranquility settles over Andritsaina, enhanced by the natural beauty that surrounds it, its distinctive architecture and tourist-friendly facilities.

Hidden among the rolling, wooded slopes of Helmos, Lake Tsivlou is transformed into an Alpine paradise as soon as the first snowflakes start to settle.  There can be no better place for mountain biking and hiking enthusiasts will adore the trails descending from Kalavrita to Diakopto through the Vouraikos gorge, while in the cave of the lakes Spilaio Limnon nature really excels herself.

At the end of the day, you’ve an open invitation from the hospitable locals to sample tasty delicacies made from local produce, accompanied by tsipouro or wine, in taverns and guesthouses the length and breadth of the region

Holidays and Holy Days

The natural environment of Western Greece and all the traditions it so carefully keeps brings that added sparkle to Christmas. In the fairytale settings of villages and towns and cities decked out in all the Christmas finery, you too can live the magic. Right after that, Patra welcomes the pre-lent period with its famous carnival.

Unwrap a box of selected wintry delights. Keep it cool in Western Greece!

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