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Vivid Land of Achaia


Straight from the pages of a fairytale


A place that combines picturesque images and moments of tranquility with monumental sights, natural beauty and activities galore.

Glorious history, enchanting nature, traditional villages, the legendary rack-and-pinion railway, the unreserved hospitality and the ski centre are only a few of the reasons that make atmospheric Kalavrita a popular year-round destination.

A tour of the town

The first view of the town is the railway station, where you could be forgiven for thinking you’d walked onto the set of a period drama. In the picturesque town centre you will find shops with traditional products and the Palaiologina stately home, restored to its 15th century glory. It is a short walk from the centre to the old primary school that now houses the Municipal Museum of the Holocaust of Kalavrita. The town’s history is inextricably bound to the time of the Nazi occupation of Greece and at the Sacrificial Ground, a huge cross stands as a reminder of the events.

Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra

A visit to this thousand- year- old monastery will naturally awaken your fascination for the stories of the past with its holy relics, records of the Sultan’s decrees, revolutionary banners and flintlocks used when the decision was taken on this very spot to take up arms against the Ottoman oppressors. Under the plane tree of the courtyard monks, priests and brave young men answered the call of history.

Holy Monastery of Mega Spilaion

Perched on a rock, it stands proud with the weight of its history and its own considerable contribution to the struggles of the nation. It is adorned with exquisite 17th century frescoes and houses handwritten gospels and other religious artefacts.


Nearby villages


It is as if someone has carefully placed all the elements of Zarouchla to design the definitive picturesque village, bursting with chestnut and fir tree and enlivened by its effervescent river waters. You feel the sense of relaxation from the moment you step over its threshold.


Walnut and plane trees everywhere you turn, waters gushing vibrantly out of the springs of the river Aoranios, a traditional water mill and plenty of adventure-laden hiking paths through the mountains make Planitero practically perfect for a back-to-nature afternoon.


Built in the Vouraikos gorge, this is really what a village should be about with its stone houses, the mist veiling the verdant mountains and the smell of burning wood in the fireplaces.


Last but not least, a lot of the hard-core action in the area revolves around  Kalavrita ski centre, which is beautiful, white (this is vitally important!) and well equipped for all manner of winter pleasures, including, of course, skiing and snowboarding. When you come down from the slopes, glowing and contentedly fatigued, delicious traditional cuisine awaits you in the taverns of the town. And since Kalavrita is famous for its dairy products, you should jump at the chance to stock up on the delicious local feta cheese.

In the Helmos mountains, twenty-four hours are never enough.  Stretch your time, muscles and horizons in captivating Kalavrita!

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