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Living History

An enlightening leap into the past

Land of discovery

A land where exploration never ends, from antiquity to modern Greece.

Archaeological sites in incomparable locations, historic walls and seafront castles, picturesque monasteries and museums of vast cultural importance: Aitoloakarnania teaches us Greek history once again with its rich religious and cultural heritage.

A trip to Ancient Greece

Hamlets with ancient theatres are dotted throughout the whole area. Ancient Thermo awaits you to admire the galleries of the Agora of the Aetolians and the rare painted friezes of the temple of Thermios Apollo. The Oiniades Acropolis will stun you with its impressive walls and the ancient theatre that overlooks the River Acheloos. The largest theatre in the area stands majestically in ancient Stratos while the so called “Castle of Kyra Irini” are the walls of Ancient Plevrona, built into which is a theatre of notable design looking out across a spectacular vista.



Museums make their mark

Innumerable artefacts of Aitoloakarnania, some from as early as the Neolithic Age, are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Agrinio and the Archaeological Museum of Thyreio in Vonitsa, which practically preserves the entire history of the Akarnanians. The three sieges of the 1820s and their protagonists come to life in the Museum of History & Art of Messolonghi, while in Aitoliko, the Vaso Katraki Museum is the only one in Europe exclusively devoted to carving.

Unique religious heritage

The long religious tradition of the land of Discovery is engrained in the stone of the historic monasteries dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. They all have something to draw you in and enhance your fascination:  The Holy Monastery of Panagia Ampelakiotissa is the proud keeper of several sacred relics; the Monastery of Vlohos attracts many of the faithful with its impressive screen; at the Monastery of Katerinou you can relax in the shade of a sturdy plane tree and at the Monastery of Panagia Panaxiotissa in Gavrolimni be impressed by its cross-shaped temple. And, of course, as the motherland of St Cosmas Aetolos, the land of Discovery honours the herald of Christianity and Hellenism with the Holy Monastery by the same name in Mega Dendro.

Holding strong

The Castle of Nafpaktos and the Venetian harbor may be familiar to everybody. However, there are many other well preserved fortifications which are equally inspiring. They include the castle of Antirio and the fort of Aktio, built on the sea; the majestic castle of Vonitsa gracing its own little verdant hill with a view to the Amvrakikos Gulf. The Wall and Windmill of Messolonghi are two more monuments of historical value well worth a visit, since they are perfect reconstructions of the original buildings which were destroyed during the revolution of 1821.

Rediscover Greek culture and Christian Orthodox religious heritage. Cherish the rousing symbols of history and guardians of the faith in the land of Discovery.

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