The Land of Discovery

A magnificent kingdom of water

Masterpieces of nature, antiquity and Orthodoxy in a harmonious coexistence

Water brings life and vigour to everything here; rivers, lakes and lagoons, sea and wetlands. In the midst are mighty mountains, picturesque villages and monuments that bear witness to the rollercoaster of history and intense religious traditions.

Images of nature

It is really a question of what to admire first!

Forty-fine villages are dotted across the summits of the Kravara mountains in Mountainous Nafpaktia. The River Evinos threads ribbon-like through the dense vegetation. Evinolimni lake, nestled in the mountains, looks like a blue brushstroke on a green canvas.

At the point where the Aetolian plain touches the sea, rises Varasova, one of the best abseiling centres in Greece.

Follow the riverside footpath along the life-giving Acheloos and wander around the exquisite ash tree forest in Lesini, embellished by the white of its suave willows. What photographer could do justice to the colours of the setting sun in the lagoon of Messolonghi and Aitoliko? Or in Lake Trichonida with a vastness that puts you in mind of the sea?

The tidemarks of history

The first federal state of antiquity, which was based on democratic values, left its legacy in ancient Thermo. It was in Thermo that the missionary and rebel rouser St Kosmas Aetolos started his remarkable work.

The prefecture can boast of the largest number of ancient theatres. In Stratos, Oiniades, Kalydona, Plevrona and Nea Makynia the theatres reflect the rich spiritual heritage.

In heroic Messolonghi visit the Garden of Heroes as a tribute to the sacrifice of the locals during the Greek revolution while in beautiful Nafpaktos enjoy the view from the Venetian castle to the harbor and a new landmark of modern history, the bridge of Rio-Antirio.

Special flavours

The star of the table in Aitoloakarnania is the fish roe of Messolonghi. It is accompanied by gabares prawns from the Amvrakikos Gulf and the fried smelt of Trichonida which moved to the fresh water of the lake from the salty sea. The Greek salad is rich in olives of the Kalamon variety and sprinkled with exquisite local olive oil.

Get an authentic break in the Land of Discovery

Western Greece awaits!

Click on each area to discover its unique beauties, attractions and activities!

Land of Discovery


Verdant landscape all around, mountains crowning the horizon, lakes reflecting beauty. Cast your own reflection in beautiful waters.

  • The Ancient Theatre of Stratos, Agrinio
  • Lake Trichonida, a wildlife paradise
  • Neoclassical architecture, Agrinio
Land of Discovery


Proud beauty that speaks for itself. It captures your gaze, then your heart.

  • A bird’s- eye view of Nafpaktos
  • Romantic night in Nafpaktos
  • The picturesque port of  Nafpaktos
Land of Discovery


A «magical» place which makes an ideal excursion destination for those seeking plenty of enthralling sights and experiences.

  • Aitoliko, the “floating”islet on the Lake of Messolonghi
  • Messolonghi lake
  • Nature’s grand design on  Messolonghi lake
Land of Discovery

Seaside Scenic Villages

  • 1. Astakos
  • 2. Palairos
  • 3. Amfilochia
  • 4. Vonitsa
  • 5. Mytikas
  • 6. Krioneri
Land of Discovery

Mountainous Nafpaktia

  • 1. Ano Chora
  • 2. Elatou
  • 3. Platanos
  • 4. Neochori
  • 5. Abelakiotissa
Land of Discovery

The Greek Wetlands

  • 1. Lake Trichonida
  • 2. Evinos
  • 3. Petrochori
  • 4. Thermo
  • 5. Stratos
Vivid Land of Achaia


Verve and personality you cannot help but adore.

  • The amazing Patras’ Carnival
  • The ancient Roman theatre in Patra
  • View of Patra, a contemporary city and port
Vivid Land of Achaia


A place that combines picturesque images and moments of tranquility with monumental sights, natural beauty and activities galore.

  • The Kalavryta Ski Resort
  • The original train station at Kalavryta
  • The Aristarchos Telescope
Vivid Land of Achaia


Bestride the past, present and future in Rio. Build bridges towards a better tomorrow.

  • Rio bridge, a wonder of technology
  • The stunning bridge of Rio Antirio
  • The castle of Rio against the backdrop of the spectacular bridge
Vivid Land of Achaia

Patra’s Beach Scene

  • 1. Aigio
  • 2. Drepano
  • 3. Diakopto
  • 4. Kalogria
  • 5. Lakopetra
Vivid Land of Achaia

Mountainous Achaia

  • 1. Zarouchla
  • 2. Planitero
  • 3. Zachlorou
  • 4. Kleitoria
Land of Olympia

Ancient Olympia

«The immortal ancient spirit, the father of all that is beautiful, great and true» guides and inspires generations of people

  • Ancient Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games
Land of Olympia


At the gateway to the Ionian, a rapturous synthesis of sea, sand and history.

  • The romantic harbor of Kyllini
Land of Olympia


The prestige of the past uniquely combines with the unparalleled beauty surrounding the city.

  • Manor house in the center of Pyrgos
Land of Olympia


Traditional colour and enchanting nature through an incomparable embrace between mountain and sea as you start out for Ancient Olympia.

  • Smooth sailing on crystalline blue waters
Land of Olympia

The Olympian Riviera

  • 1. Kaiafas
  • 2. Kourouta
  • 3. Zacharo
  • 4. Loutra Kyllinis
Land of Olympia

Olympian beauty

  • 1. Neda
  • 2. Foloi
  • 3. Kaiafas
  • 4. Loutra Kyllinis
  • 5. Andritsaina
Land of Olympia

Olympian light

  • 1. Ancient Ilida
  • 2. Andritsaina
  • 3. Gastouni
Land of Discovery


A seaside twon flirting with the Ionian islands, it sprawls down the hillside towards its sheltered harbor, which fills to the brim with yachts in the summer.

  • Astakos Beach – Akrogiali
  • Astakos with a unique character
  • Picturesque harbor of Astakos
Land of Discovery


Seaside Palairos seamlessly blends traditional elements with the comforts of a modern summer destination.

    Land of Discovery


    Amfilochia will always find its way to your heart. Against a gorgeous natural backdrop, it holds a plethora of options for your enjoyment.

    • Graviera cheese from Amfilochia
    • The fishing harbor of Amfilochia
    Land of Discovery


    The Venetian castle upon its pine covered hill, the mild summertime pace and the island characted will be a pleasant surprise.

    • Stone bridge on Vonitsa  seafront
    Land of Discovery


    A village quite literally at the water's edge, it lends itself to calm holidays in the turquoise hues of the Ionian.

    • Mytikas – Agrilia of island colors
    Land of Discovery


    Named after the springs which gush from the earth near the estuary of Evinos and make the waters of the area cooler.

    • Evinos Lake, Roadtrip Mountainous Nafpaktia
    • Canoe-cayak in the sparkling River Evinos
    • Rafting on River Evinos
    Land of Discovery

    Ano Chora

    Seek out your own cozy nest amongst the quaint stone house of traditional Ano & Kato Chora.

    • Ano Chora Village, Mountainous Nafpaktia
    • Stone-built Ano Chora,  Highlands of Nafpaktos
    Land of Discovery


    Reveal landscapes made up of fir, plane trees, whose collective thirst is quenched by waters running down of the peaks.

      Land of Discovery


      The beautiful central village with its interesting Folklore museum.

        Land of Discovery


        Climb from Nechori to Arahova, the views are your reward!

          Land of Discovery


          Ampelakiotissa, with its monastery of the same name, overflows with beauty into your own euphoric cup.

            Land of Discovery

            Lake Trichonida

            Gorgeous lake Trichonida, incorporated into the European Natura 2000 programme, will carry you off on a tide of enthusiasm for rowing, wakeboard and water skiing.

            • Lake Trichonida, a paradise of  bio-diversity
            • Lake Trichonida, a wildlife paradise
            Land of Discovery


            From its verdant banks, the river Evinos invites you for rafting in its hospitable waters .

            • Stone bridge of Artotiva – Evinos  River
            • Evinos Lake, Roadtrip Mountainous Nafpaktia
            • Canoe-cayak in the sparkling River Evinos
            Land of Discovery


            The enchanting sunset over Petrochori and its quaint little dwellings make the perfect composition for the photographer’s lens.

              Land of Discovery


              Thermo, dating back to prehistoric years, is the focal point for the area’s cultural history.

              • Thermo from above, Trichonida Lake
              • Fountains in the village Thermo
              Land of Discovery


              The heavenly landscape of the artificial Lake Stratou lends itself to exploration of marine bird and animal life.

              • The Ancient Theatre of Stratos, Agrinio
              • Flamingos in the Messolonghi lagoon
              Land of Olympia


              Somewhat less touristic option is Kaiafas, with thermal baths of the same name close by.

              • The dazzling white sands of Kaiafa beach
              • The thermal springs at Kaiafa
              • The golden beach from Zaharo to Kaiafa
              Land of Olympia


              Combine your exercise with a discreet peek at caretta-caretta turtles at beautiful Kourouta.

              Land of Olympia


              On Zacharo beach, the fun carries on past sunset with swinging beach parties and pulsating clubs.

              • Sweet seaside pleasures on Zacharo beach
              Land of Olympia

              Loutra Kyllinis

              Ultra-modern hotel facilities, suites with private swimming pools, deluxe rooms with a view to the Ionian, wellness and beautry centres.

              • Horse riding on the beach of Killini
              • Crystal clear water in Kyllini beach
              • Relaxing on the beach of Kyllini
              Land of Olympia


              The power of water is also very much in evidence, shaping the land into stunning forms, the gorge of the Neda being a wondrous example.

              • Stepping into a fairytale at the Neda falls
              • The effervescent Neda Waterfalls
              Land of Olympia


              It is thanks to the water that the lush forests of the area thrive, such as the oak tree forest of Foloi, the only flat forest in Greece.

              • The great oak tree forest of Foloi
              Land of Olympia


              In Lake Kaiafa with the therapeutic waters that come straight from the cave you will enjoy the most natural hydrotherapy with a view of pine and eucalyptus trees.

              • The thermal springs at Kaiafa
              Land of Olympia

              Loutra Kyllinis

              The thermal Baths of Kyllini promise to refresh you in one of the most modern hydrotherapy centres in Europe.

              • Kyllini beach
              • The fort of Kyllini surveys the fertile land around it
              • Crystal clear water in Kyllini beach
              Land of Olympia


              Picturesque alleys, traditional stately homes and one of the most important libraries in Greece, on a verdant mountainside.

              • The picturesque village of Andritsaina
              Land of Olympia

              Ancient Ilida

              The archaeological site and the new Archaeological museum of Ilida offer you an enlightening journey into its long history.

              • Ancient Ilia and nature
              Land of Olympia


              In picturesque Andritsaina visit the historic library and from there walk up to Vasses to enjoy at close quarters the temple of Apollo Epicurius, a masterpiece of ancient Greek architecture.

              • The picturesque village of Andritsaina
              Land of Olympia


              In the Holy Temple Kimisis tis Theotokou, admire the Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary that has stood for years as a source of comfort and hope for the devout.

              • The watermelon of Gastouni, a summer temptation
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              Aigio is a modern city where families as well as groups of young people can enjoy their summer holidays.

              • Crystal waters at Aigio beach
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              The pebbly beach of Drepano is a now a regular date for the lovers of extreme sports, such as kitesurfing.

              • Carried away! Kite surfing at Drepano
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              Nearby Diakopto is justly proud to invite you for a ride on its rack and pinion railway, the famous little train that crosses the gorge of the Vouraikos.

              • On the trail of the spectacular along Vouraikos Gorge
              • The stunning gorge of the Vouraikos River
              • Winter in Vouraikos gorge
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              From the embrace of Strofilia forest emerges the popular beach of Kalogria.

              • Kalogria beach
              • The Strofilia forest near Kalogria beach
              • The pine forest in Kalogria
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              Families with small children should settle on the shallow sandy beach of Lakopetra, safe in the knowledge of its Blue Flag status.

              • A bounty of beaches in and around Patra
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              Α definitive picturesque village, bursting with chestnut and fir tree and enlivened by its effervescent river waters.

              • Authentic accommodation in Zarouchla
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              Waters gushing vibrantly out of the springs of the river Aoranios, a traditional water mill and plenty of adventure-laden hiking paths.

              • Planitero, a riverside paradise
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              Built in the Vouraikos gorge, this is really what a village should be about with its stone houses and the smell of burningwood in the fireplaces.

              • On the trail of the spectacular along Vouraikos Gorge
              • The stunning gorge of the Vouraikos River
              • Winter in Vouraikos gorge
              Vivid Land of Achaia


              Be prepared to be amazed at gorgeous Kleitoria with the legendary Cave of the Lakes.

              • The legendary Cave of the Lakes
              THE GREEK WETLANDS
              PATRA'S BEACH SCENE
              ANCIENT OLYMPIA
              OLYMPIAN BEAUTY
              OLYMPIAN LIGHT

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