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Time to hit the road!

Τhe Vivid Land of Achaia

Fill up the tank, set the GPS for the land of Achaia and motor into carefree days and spectacular scenery.

Magical beaches with crystal clear waters or verdant slopes with unique villages? The vivid land of Achaia combines everything! If you prefer the sea, make Patra your final destination, whereas if it is the mountain that you prefer, the route to Kalavrita will give you that breath of inspiration.

Hugging the blue coastline from Akrata to Patra

How many beaches can you take? This is what the vivid land of Achaia seems to be asking with its pristine waters and picturesque seaside towns. First stop Akrata, for food and refreshment and perhaps a visit to impressive Aigeira. Continue on to beautiful Diakopto, the starting point for the renowned rack and pinion railway; aristocratic Aigio, ranged around the mountain like an amphitheatre  to face the Corinthian Gulf and picturesque Psathopyrgos, with fresh fish always on the menu. On the way to Patra, the beaches will be falling over themselves to win your attention; Akoli, Selianitika, Loggos, Lampiri, Panagopoula all come with unforgettable sunsets as part of the deal!  On reaching Patra, your head will be spinning with options for entertainment. Whatever you choose is bound to make an exciting finale to your trip.



Refresh your view of the mountains

In Mountainous Achaia spectacular images come thick and fast. No sooner have you finished admiring a luxuriant green valley than a cascading mountain stream or fairy tale village comes seeking your acclaim. Follow the road uphill from Akrata to picturesque Zarouchla and then be prepared to be amazed at gorgeous Kleitoria with the legendary Cave of the Lakes. On the way to Kalavrita, take a break at two traditional villages at the foot of Helmos. The first is Planitero, which boasts the spring waters of the Aroanios in the shade of its imperious plane trees; and the second is Lousi, weaving a scenic spell of its own. Stay in one of the stone built stately homes of Kalavrita and on your way back make a point of visiting idyllic Zachlorou in the Vouraikos gorge, as well as Ano Diakopto for unbelievable views of the Corinthian Gulf.

Head for the mountains or the coast. Get geared up for gorgeous scenery, whichever route you take in the vivid land of Achaia.

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